Bakkie (Reynsdorp – Commewijne – right bank )

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Bird-watching  and historical adventure

The Beach at Warappa:  overlooks the mud flat at the ocean and will give you the opportunity to have a marvelous view of thousands of North American shorebirds, egrets Black Skimmers Rynchops niger and night herons.

Spectacular birds like Scarlet Ibis Eudocimus ruber, Roseate Spoonbill Platalea ajaja and Wood Stork Mycteria Americana area often encountered. And sometimes a Jabiru Jabiru mycteria is present. The last four birds may also forage on the coastal mudflats.

Warappa Creek:

Recently Warappa creek and canal were re-opened. It starts as a narrow creek winding its way through green tunnels of overhanging trees and continuous changing vegetation. The canal widens and we have a view of the unique surroundings. This area is home to many different bird species.

Along the creek are a number of historical sites, such as a sugar factory with steam engines from 1830, a steam car, old locks and gates, tombs and the original ‘ring dams’ with planted poisonous cacti.

Sugar factory:

The recently discovered sugar factory with steam engines from 1830 is very complete and a unique site in the middle of the jungle. It is easy accessible by a trail through the mangrove forrest.

Museum at plantation Bakkie (Reynsdorp):

The private museum of Bakkie has a large collection of famous historical books,  old bottles, prints, maps, paintings and many old utensils like authentic slave shackles from the area.

Explore history with Warappa

A historical library will be built for the hundreds of historical books. Among many original copies of J.G. Stedman (year 1799) with the many drawings of the cruelties that happened to the slaves by the Dutch colonists.

Education, research and community development are important new elements within this project contact us for more info.