Bakkie (Reynsdorp – Commewijne – right bank )

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Retracing the steps

When, in early 2007, Marsha Mormon (born in Renkum, NL) discovered that her ancestors hailed from a Surinamese plantation she started retracing their steps and came across the Reynsdorp Plantation, also known as Bakkie. Bakkie’s Warappa Kreek was collapsing and clogging as the forest reclaimed it; nonetheless, undaunted, Marsha had 10km of it dug out and dredged. During excavations, much of historical interest was unearthed, which is now on display in Bakkie’s museum. Thanks to Marsha’s perseverance the area is now accessible to the public. And thanks to government investment, the future looks bright for Bakkie and Warappakreek.